"You shine in my heart, illuminating my soul"


Spread the love this Valentine's Day with "U R Here", a hand stitched limited editon original artwork by Phil Davison.


Released as a worldwide limited edition of only 13 hand made pieces, this artwork glistens with diamond dust, which sparkles and shines in the light, creating a twinkling testimony of your love.




Edition of 13 original pieces.

Hand stitched diamond dusted 14 count Aida canvas, mounted on archival foam board backing.

15 inches x 15 inches

Supplied unframed.

Wax seal of authenticity

Supplied with signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity




"U R Here", Hand Stitched Original

  • This piece currently has two edition releases left in Price Tier 2.

    Phil Davison Art original limited release pieces are usually released in an edition of 13 pieces worldwide.

    These 13 pieces are divided into 4 pricing tiers.

    Tiers 1-3 each contain 4 artworks with Tier 4 containing the last remaining piece of the edition release. As remaining availabilty decreases the tier price increases.

    Tier structure for "U R Here" (Pacman Heart)

    Tier 1, contains 4 edition pieces priced at : £350.00 each

    Tier 2, contains 4 edition pieces priced at : £475.00 each

    Tier 3, contains 4 edition pieces priced at : £600.00 each

    Tier 4, contains the last 1 edition piece priced at : £850.00 

    Please note, The edition number of a piece can be requested out of sequence. The remaining pieces availble in this series are numbers 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

    For example, if your favourite number is 13, (like Phil), you can request that edition number at an earlier tier price rather than having to wait until tier 4. 

    Please contact us at phildavisonart@gmail.com if you would like to request a specific number in the edition release.

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