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Floral Skull Boards,  104x89cm,  Edition 1/1, 2014


The day of the dead skull is a popular icon in Latin American culture celebrating “Dia de los Muertos”. Based on floral motifs to create the overall floral skull image.


This is truely a unique artwork, bound to inspire comment wherever it is displayed.


This piece is created from 5 wooden skateboard decks, into which 9'375, 1.5mm holes have been meticulously hand drilled, by Phil, which he then embroidered with approximately 1'275 feet of soft embroidery thread to create this overall floral skull masterpiece.


The 5 wooden Skateboard decks are mounted through the original deck truck holes onto two custom made aluminium brackets, which hold all 5 boards together in order. The entire piece is supplied in a removable perspex case, and may be displayed freestanding or wall mounted.


Details :

5 Hand drilled & embroidered Skateboard Decks

Approximately 1200 hours of hand stitching.

Approximate stitching time : 6 months

9,365 hand drilled 1.5mm holes, stitched with 1,275 feet of Soft Embroidery thread.



Price: £10,000.00

"Floral Skull Boards", Hand Stitched Original

  • This is a Phil Davison Art original, 1 of 1 worldwide and will never be recreated.

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