Phil Davison's academic career spans from molecular biology and pathology to Central St Martins.  Phil felt compelled to study art at higher education level, after initially submitting a portfolio to a local university for an undergrad in  fashion design which was rejected, he submitted the same to Central St Martins, and the rest is history.    Starting out as a pattern cutter at Oswald Boateng  following a tutelage at Vivienne Westwood.  Phil decided couture was not his calling and as his popularity grew as an artist he completed his first commission  in 2004.


  The perennial themes that can be seen throughout Phil's work is the reoccurring empathises on the beauty of the skull which in Phil's words contains  all the possibility and potential known to the human.  The fragility of life an anchor to the context of his work on eggs and an authenticity to the street scene, which Phil still values. 

Each piece can take a gruelling 8 - 14 months of hand stitching to complete, a self imposed discipline to create some of the finest contemporary works of art in the 21st century.  Phil has seen his work set trends, and though copied, his work will never be imitated.

Phil's greatest pleasure with his art, is when the viewer comes alive to what they are actually seeing.  



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